Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2022

The Water Forerunner

August 20 [Sat] – 28 [Sun], 2022

Eve Festival: August 27 [Sat]

Main Festival: August 28 [Sun]


Lake Kisaki, Shinano Kodo, Shinya Nishimaru Memorial Hall, Mima Soufukan, Lake Kisaki POWWOW, Tokiwa no Ie, and other locations in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture


NPO Primitive Sense Company

Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall
Artistic Director

Shinji Asai

Art director

Nobuyuki Sugihara

Program Director

Taeko Mori


Masao Kusabuka, Ayaka Suzuki

Supported by

Asahi Shimbun Cultural Foundation



The Water Forerunner

The Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival, now in its 13th year, will be held under the theme of ” The Water Forerunner,” which creates a story of the land invoked by standing in a place of improvisation. We aim to create a festival that reminds all visitors to the land of water that they are all expressionists in every form.


Primitive Sense

When people straightly face to the nature, primitive sense will return to our feeling. I think fine art is born at that moment. “Nature” is not only at outside of us, contains the life of ourselves, inherited from the origin of life. The true richness is that there is beauty normally in the living that has been inherited from the Jomon period. We will create a local “culture” by staying on the shore of Lake Kizaki, which is surrounded by the majestic nature of the Japanese Northern Alps, and creating expressions that can only be created by meeting local people who live there. It is to create a festival as a cultural boundary that connects the outside and the locals, connects art and tradition, and cities and regions.