Millennium Forest Festival


Fire-making Ceremony

*The venue for the Fire-making Ceremony has been changed from the Millennium Forest to the Shinya Nishimaru Memorial Hall.

Venue: Shinya Nishimaru Memorial Hall
Participation fee: Donation

Shinya Nishimaru Memorial Hall


Artwork Tour and Perfrmance

Venue: Millennium Forest
Participation fee: Donation


Forgotten Things and what was Communicated

Noe Nihei [Dance] 
Hide Ono [Music] 
Masao Kusafuka [Art]
Tatsuki [Dance]


Experimental body Mudai performance

Atsushi Tomatsu work and performance

Kim Bora

Wataru Sakai

Hyuna JI work and performance

Masayuki Kuroda x Mina Sasaki x Haruna Sugisaki x Sayaka Toyoshima work and performance

Please note that although parking is available, the road is not paved.
Please wear comfortable walking clothes and non-slip shoes as you will be walking on unpaved roads and mountain paths until you arrive at the site. There are streams, etc., and you may get wet.

Millennium Forest