Eve Festival

Throat chakra and spirit activation workshop
Tanner Simpson (USA)

Saturday, August 26, 2023 10:00~12:00
Venue: Saski Forest
Capacity: 20 people
Participation fee: Donation from 3000 yen
*Meeting place: Shinya Nishimaru Memorial Hall We will move to the venue at 9:50, so please be punctual.

Tanner Simpson (USA), a shaman who uses Indian drumming and singing for healing, will give a workshop on throat chakra and spirit activation.



Hico Natsuaki Overtone Flute “Koncovka” Workshop
Saturday, August 26, 2023 10:00-13:00
Venue: The Drift Wood House (at the back of Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall)
Capacity: 10 people (minimum of 3 people)
Fee: Adult ¥4,000, Junior high school student and younger ¥2,000, Capacity: 10 people (minimum 3 people), Reservations required

This is a workshop to make “Koncovka”, a traditional Eastern European flute made of PVC pipe, and learn how to play the instrument with the flute you made. You really only have to blow it!

Video for your reference

Please bring your own gloves and rags if you have them (if not, we will lend them to you).
Reservation required E-mail : primitivesenseart@gmail.com
Max. 10 people (min. 2 people)
We will use saws, cutters, and other cutting tools, so children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
The work itself is very simple. We will support you if you are not able to do the part you want to do. 
All tools will be lent.
Please bring a mask as sandpaper shavings will be thrown around.


Kuroshio Current, Ombak Hitam – With the Memory of Tetsu Saitoh

Venue: Shinano Hall
Participation fee: Donation


Zai Kuning [Changgo, body, voice]
Shunichiro Hisada [Small Drum]
Gaishi Ishizaka [Kagura Drum]
Nobuyuki Sugihara [Dance]


Living Forest

Venue: Shinano Hall
Participation fee: Donation

Piano: Takuya Komaba
Dance: Eiji Takeda
Dance: Maiko Date



Primitive Senses Conference 17:30 – 20:00
17:30-18:30 (30 min. break; food vendors will be available)

Participation fee : Donation

Eisaku Ando (Wood carving)
Masayuki Kuroda (Jomon)
Nobuyuki Sugihara (Indigenous Peoples Research Report)
Ayaka Nakamura (Indigenous Peoples Research Report)
Momoko Hirano (Food)


Food Stall

kuku (pizza bread, sweets, handmade drinks)
POLEPOLE (Tofu doughnuts, seasonal vegetable rice)

Shinano Hall